You’ve heard all about the labor shortage by now. Where did the workers go?
When we make a plan and stick to a strategy, we can achieve things!
A Fed President admits it: They didn’t see this coming.

December 2022

It’s December 7, 2022. I took a little longer break than anticipated.

November 2022

It’s November 16, 2022. I have a lot going on, so we’re just going to do some links, and then take a break until November 30. Enjoy.
Can we blame corporations for inflation?
New GDP numbers, and an election next week.

October 2022

How does the current economic situation compare to 2008?
Wall Street CEOs may as well be Quasimodo at this point.
The power of "rags-to-riches" TV, and why good jobs numbers are tanking the markets.
IRS funding and market meltdowns. Let's go.

September 2022

Brett Favre and Liz Truss. Let's go.