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You have to hand it to Cruz, the “shadow army” is a pretty effective meme. Mainly because it speaks to the fear that a lot of middle class people and businesses owners have of the IRS.

Even if they’re not fudging a little bit here and there, many people still have a fear of the agent finding something they didn’t know about. And statistically there are certain small businesses (like chiropractors) who deal in cash and are more prone to underreporting.

I think the big thing is that most people think these agents will be coming after the middle class and not rich people (like Cruz).

And there’s some evident to support that fear. After all when the IRS goes after the wealthy they’re taking on an army of lawyers and accountants and complex laws. So it’s obviously easier and the targets are more plentiful among the middle class.

And you’re right nobody or almost nobody wants to give up their hard earned money to be spent for things they may or not think are worthwhile.

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